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Dream Lodge - Magaliesburg
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No electricity, no TV, no rush.  Just you, your partner and nature.

Agama Cottage is situated on a hilltop with a magnificent view of the Magalies Mountains and Naauwkloof. The inside has wooden floors, a huge bath with a view and a built in fireplace with couch. Agama now has an outside shower with a view of the mountain!
As there is no electricity, hot water is supplied by a solar geyser ( no sun - no hot water)​. We supply a cooler box with ice, as well as hot water in flasks on request.



Chameleon House is situated 200m from the main farmhouse.
​It has a magnificent, panoramic view of farmland, and the perfect seating to enjoy it from; while nursing a sundowner
The feeling of the cottage is distinctly old fashioned, and it has a peaceful charm all of its own. The main cottage has one double bedroom, a kitchen/dining area and bathroom. There is another bedroom on an outside corridor, with an adult size bunk bed and separate single bed.

​​​​For those who want to cook for themselves, this cottage can be self catering OR catered. Try your hand at baking bread in our wood-burning stove, or have a leisurely braai. The cottage is equipped with a gas-fridge, solar water heating and solar lighting.

For children, the accommodation at Chameleon cottage offers the chance to help with farm experiences like gathering eggs, feeding baby goats and ducklings, and jumping on hay bales.  Stephen might even be convinced to take them for a spin on the tractor trailer!​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The cottages are only serviced on request at an extra cost of R50.00 per occasion.

Email Sam to enquire and for rates:​
Gecko Cottage is surrounded by acacia bush and grassland, has an indoor fireplace​​, a charming Victorian bath and a
 Bokmakierie that might knock on your window in the morning. 

This cottage has a truly magical atmosphere and can be reached by most vehicles. Do remember that we are 3 km from the tar road .
The outside couch is ideal for lazy sun-downers or simply reading a book in peace. Find the small labyrinth just down the hill, or sit by the outside fire till late at night. 

​​​​​​​​​​The cottage has solar water heating, and we provide firewood. We can cater for a braai at this cottage during summer months as long as there is low veld-fire risk. In winter no outside fires can be allowed. Just like Agama, we provide a cooler box and hot water in flasks as there are no other cooking facilities.

Dinner and breakfast are served to you at Gecko cottage. You determine the time. ​​

Simply call Sam at 0826206369 or email​​

​​​​​​​​​​Lounge around on the outside couch with a book while listening to the larks, hunt for the Ba-Tswana ruins at the nearby kloof, or fly a kite when the wind comes up. The ideal place to reconnect with your soul-mate and breathe a sigh of contentment.

Agama cottage can only be reached by high clearance vehicle, but guests are welcome to leave their own vehicles at Broken Hill Farmhouse and be delivered to the cottage, or to walk the 1.6km's.

Dinner and breakfast are served to you at Agama cottage. You tell us what time. Meals are discussed below.  

Simply call Sam at 0826206369 or email​​

Who would enjoy Dream Lodge?
Gecko & Agama cottages at Dream Lodge are meant for any two people who want to spend some really private and quiet time together. Our service and personal attention is focused on creating a private romantic space for yourself and your partner.

Chameleon cottage can also be a romantic self catering break, or alternatively can provide the opportunity to introduce family or friends to farm living or "homesteading" as it is known world wide.  ​We can provide meals here too of course.  Dream Lodge is completely off the electrical grid and we take pride in living and promoting sustainability.

What is Dream Lodge?
Dream Lodge consists of:​
At Dream Lodge we pride ourselves in being simple, sustainable and private.
​​As such we grow a fair amount of vegetables ourselves and our food contains as little preservatives and additives as is possible on a farm.
Dinner and breakfast are served at your cottage at the time you arrange with us. Depending on the weather it can be candlelit dinner by the fireplace or under the stars!

​​We exchange the baskets at the next meal.​

Our usual menu is a three course dinner and health breakfast which is included in the rates of Gecko and Agama. Chameleon has an adjustable rate structure as you can choose to cater for yourself.

Our food will change according to the season, and we can adapt our menu to meet your needs. We will always inquire as to your choice of main course. Please let us know of any allergies or aversions!

What we often serve:

​Greek salad, Tuna salad, Vegetable soup.

​Thai or Italian chicken fillet, Moscovy Duck, Prawns, Grass Fed Beef Stew, Vegetarian or Vegan meals.
In summer a braai can be catered at Gecko or Chameleon cottages. (No outside fires at Agama)

Fruit salad, Ice cream, Chocolate Mousse, Fruit cake etc.​​​​

We serve a health breakfast consisting of the following:
Plunger and instant coffee, tea, juice, milk, toast, jam/honey, muffins, fruit salad, yogurt and meuslie.
When our chickens are willing to cooperate we are also able to serve cheese omelets, but unfortunately that's the only version of egg meal that can travel.​

Dream Lodge sources its Grass Fed Beef from Grazers near Magaliesburg.​​ The Moscovy Duck is much healthier than normal duck as it is not fatty.  These ducks are pasture raised on the Dream Lodge premises.

Meals and menu's

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The brass bed in Gecko cottage

NEW  TREAT: Dream Lodge now has the option of a
Butler serviced 5 course dinner for one or both nights of your stay! (extra cost applies)


Dream Lodge offers ​the delectable picnic baskets of Sugarcane Road.

​​Simply Pre-order your basket from Barend, and it will be delivered to your cottage whenever you prefer.  A great option for the self-catering guys, or for a lunch option at Gecko or Agama​.​
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